REAch2 and its schools will use DfE approved frameworks for the procurement of all goods and services wherever possible. Using these helps us to meet our obligations under the Public Sector procurement regulations, as well as ensuring Value for Money.

REAch2 does not purchase solely on the basis of price; using these frameworks will reduce our administration time as all purchases made via this route are compliant, have contract terms pre-agreed, and also have contract management arrangements in place.

As a result, suppliers are encouraged to engage with the DfE’s Schools Commercial Team should they wish REAch2 or any of its schools to consider using them to supply goods or services.

REAch2 has a Gifts and Hospitality policy, meaning that staff will often be obliged to politely refuse offers. This is in line with Government regulations.

A copy of our standard terms and conditions can be found here and further guidance regarding REAch2 Procurement can be found here.